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It is typical for individuals with a mild to moderate hearing loss to be unaware of their problem, even though family and friends are quite aware of it.

Hearing loss is invisible and almost painless. There are no physical warning signals, except in some cases there may be ringing in the ears(s). However, the real reason hearing loss "sneaks up"" on you is that the change is so gradual. Most hearing losses develop over a period of 25-30 years. By age 50 or 60, there can be enough deterioration to interfere with conversation.

Most hearing professionals believe that hearing loss in older adults is the accumulation of two or more causes, such as exposure to loud noises and family history, or simply the natural aging process.

Hearing loss can prevent the quality of life you have hoped for. It can restrict your ability to interact with others, prevent you from hearing important information, cause misunderstandings, heighten stress, cause unnecessary fatigue, and filter out the subtle sounds of nature. Don't let poor hearing make you miss out on the many good and vital messages of life.

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