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Complete Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation
The audiologist will evaluate your hearing in a sound booth. This will determine your ability to hear and discriminate speech as well as tonal stimuli. After the evaluation is complete the audiologist will discuss the results with you and make the appropriate recommendations based on the results. Sometimes more specialized testing of the auditory system is needed and these tests are described below.
(Auditory Brainstem Response) is an electrophysiologic test performed to evaluate the function of the auditory nerve as sound signals travel from your inner ear up the nerve to your brain (auditory cortex). The audiologist will attach electrodes to each ear, one on the forehead and one on top of your head. Earphones will be placed in your ears and a clicking sound will be heard during this test. The response of your auditory nerve to the clicking sound is seen on the computer monitor as a waveform. The audiologist will analyze the waveforms and compose a report to review with the patient and/or a physician. This test does not require any response from the patient and most of time you can take a nap during the test.

(Electrocochleogram) is an electrophysiologic test performed to assess the status of the inner ear(cochlea). This test is similar to the ABR and does not require any response from the patient. Results of this test help in making the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and other disorders affecting the inner ear.

(Otoacoustic Emissions) is a test performed to evaluate the integrity of the inner ear and assess hearing sensitivity. This test is very quick and informative and does not require any response from the patient; it is frequently used to assess the hearing sensitivity of newborn babies prior to leaving the hospital (Universal Newborn Hearing Screening) as well as assess the effects of ototoxic medications on a persons’ hearing sensitivity.


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