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An audiologist is the health care and educational professionals specializing in the assessment, diagnoses and treatment of hearing impairment and vestibular (balance) disorders. Audiologists hold Master’s and/or Doctoral degrees from nationally accredited university programs, where they receive extensive training and skills to evaluate the hearing and balance systems of all ages, newborns to geriatrics. Audiologists conduct a wide variety of tests, with specialized equipment, to identify the exact nature of a person’s hearing and/or vestibular (balance) disorder. Audiologists provide a variety of treatment solutions for people suffering from hearing and/or vestibular disorders. Audiologists fit, dispense, program and modify hearing aids and cochlear implants. They provide aural rehabilitation, educate the public on the effects of noise and the importance of hearing protection, identify and manage tinnitus and provide limited treatment for vestibular (balance) disorders. Audiologist refer patients to physicians when the hearing or vestibular disorder needs medical or surgical attention.


Why should you get your hearing tested by an Audiologist?

Audiologists are the most qualified professionals to evaluate and treat hearing disorders. Audiologists are specialists in the assessment, identification, prevention and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. Audiologists are professionally certified and carry state licensure to practice audiology and to fit and dispense hearing aids. Not every person who tests your hearing is an audiologist. To get the most comprehensive evaluation, make sure you visit a certified audiologist.


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